Introducing #721, the A90 Supra that defies convention and embodies the spirit of grassroots time attack racing. This isn't just a car; it's a testament to the power of passion, ingenuity, and determination.

Every inch of #721 tells a story of resourcefulness and creativity. From its cut bumpers to its plywood splitter, stamped metal louvers, and strategically placed vents, this machine is a symphony of DIY craftsmanship. We didn't have an endless budget, but we had a vision. We didn't rely on top-dollar parts; instead, we relied on our hands, our minds, and our relentless pursuit of excellence.

This car isn't about conforming to expectations; it's about shattering them. We take pride in our refusal to blend in, in our commitment to doing things differently. While others may follow the beaten path, #721 blazes its own trail, unapologetically unique and undeniably competitive.

In a world of cookie-cutter builds, #721 stands as a beacon of individuality. It's a reminder that you don't need deep pockets to make a statement; you just need passion and perseverance. This is more than just a race car; it's a symbol of what happens when you dare to dream and refuse to settle for anything less than extraordinary. So strap in, because #721 is ready to redefine what it means to be a contender on the track.

  • Aerodynamics


    • 5in Chassis Mounted Plywood Splitter
    • Professional Awesome Small Splitter Tunnels
    • DIY Canards
    • 777 GT4 Style Hood Vent
    • N15 Fender Arch Vent


    • Race Louvers Fender Vents


    • Nine Lives Wing 74in
    • Singular Endplates
    • DIY Chassis Mounted Uprights
    • Rear Bumper Cut
  • Wheels & Tires


    • ESR Wheels CR7 18x10.5 ET30


    • Bridgestone RE71RS 295/35r18
  • Suspension & Brakes


    • S3 One Way Coilovers (12kF/18kR)
    • Eibach Sway Bars


    • OEM Rotors
    • Hawk Pads DTC70F/DTC30R
    • RB Performance Brakes High Temp Caliper Boots and Seals
  • Safety Equipment

    • Sparco EVO XL Seat
    • PCI Seat Bracket
    • Fire Extinguisher and Mount
    • OMP 6 Point Harness
    • Sabelt Steering Wheel with QR
    • USR Harness Bar
  • Power & Engine

    • Doc Race Turbo Kit with EFR9174 Turbo
    • Spool HPFP FX-350
    • Custom Surge Tank and LPFP
    • Megan Racing Exhaust
    • CSF Transmission Cooler
    • Tuned using BM3 on E50

Podiums & Records


  • 2024 GTA Road Atlanta - P3 Street Class
  • 2024 TXSCCA TT E2 - P2 Max1


  • 2023 TXSCCA TT Max2 Season Points Podium - Tied for P1
  • 2023 TXSCCA TT Divisional - P1 Max2
  • 2023 TXSCCA TT E3 - P1 Max2
  • 2023 TXSCCA TT E4 - P1 Max2


  • ECR 2.7 CCW Max2 Record - 02:06.091
  • ECR 2.7 CW Max2 Record - 02:06.042
  • Circuit Of The Americas

    3.42 Mi - 02:20.072

  • Road Atlanta

    2.54 Mi - 01:28.857

  • Eagles Canyon Raceway

    2.7 Mi CWW - 02:03.51

    2.7 Mi CW - 02:06.042

  • Eagles Canyon Raceway 1.65

    1.65 Mi CCW - 01:12.077

  • Harris Hill Raceway

    1.82 Mi CW - 01:23.957

  • MSR Houston

    2.38 Mi CCW - 01:44.342

  • Buttonwillow Raceway

    #13 CW - 01:54.086

  • Pike Peak International Raceway

    TBD July 4th - 6th